Discussing new development gloves

     Research and development is becoming increasing necessarily to get satisfaction for both customers and products. 

 >>By research and development:
- We create new design models.
- Keep the high quality product for durability and
   comfortable to fit in, by  developing and sourcing
   quality of materials. Most of the gloves  have made
   from high quality of leather.

 >>The leathers we use are:
- North EU Kip Leather by SETO Tannery.
  We use this leather for Special Custom Glove.

- Premium SS Steer by SETO Tannery.
  We use this leather for the top custom and the
  professional glove.

- USA High Grade Steerhide by Chung Chi.
  We use this leather high professional gloves.

- Java KIP Vacumm leather.
  We use this leather for high level gloves.

- High Premium Java Hide Leather with the Antique
  Oily and Natural Smooth Oily Leather type.
  We use this leather for Middle High and High Grade

- High Quality Java Hide Natural Soft Leather.
  We use this leather for Middle and Middle High

The leather is compatible with color , oily/tacky, soft/stiffness, durability and flexibility for each series.
Spesial edition for color combination glove