It is a pleasure and honor to introduce our company as a company, which produced baseball and softball gloves.Now, we are facing global competition. Consumer becomes more conscious and smarter to satisfy what they needed. Besides good services, the high quality of product becomes the first major of things. That is why customerís orientation becomes our authorized capital to develop our business in baseball gloves market. It will gain whether we do our best efforts by doing high integrity, professionalism, and good teamwork. Supplying of high quality gloves at the right time and in a competitive price are the keywords that lead the success in marketing, as our motto high quality product, on time delivery and competitive price.

Second Production Building
>>Production Capacity To make good quality of baseball gloves we are differ our production capacity so that we can serve and make the glove well.

 Custom Gloves       
 Professional and High Level Gloves                  
 Middle and Middle High Gloves                                                
 Total qty  

Main Production Building

:   1,200 pcs per month
:   3,000 pcs per month
: 10,000 pcs per month 
: 14,200 pcs per month

Cutting Section >
Stamping Section >

Sewing Section >
Sample Room >

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